Aurora 12.0m

Aurora 12.0m

Model No: 8081200
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 2.500 kg
Features: Aurora II now is officially released. Please read the Product Details below for more information of the Aurora II kite.
Special: US$9999.00
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Product Details


Aurora II now is officially released. Please click the link below for more information:

PANSH AURORA is a great high performance closed-cell depower kite for land kiting, snow kiting, buggy kiting and kite boarding/surfing. It is a 5-line intermediate to advanced level kite. The kite comes in 6 sizes- 8m², 10m², 12m², 15m², 19m² and 22m².

PANSH AURORA is made of superb high quality material. The material is waterproofed with perfect coating. The material is extremely light. The PANSH AURORA kite has great wind range. It flies well even in the light wind. The kite has the dirt-outs in tips, special Pansh-designed air intakes with efficient Dual-way Alternate Inflation System, four deflation zippers, bridle plan design with completely new Pansh depower system, and the special design of the flag out safe system.

The four deflation zippers help you pack up fast and easy after you have done your flying. Just open the zipper and fold the kite in the middle and push the air to tips. You can easily deflated the kite and pack it. The flat out safe system gives you more confidence to fly it. When you let it go in the uncontrollable situation, the kite would fold and flag out immediately and becoming a quiet sheep from a powerful beast. The air intakes are special unique design of PANSH. It has efficient PANSH Dual-way Alternate Inflation System (DAIS). The Dual-way Alternate Inflation System is a creative design especially for depower kite by PANSH. A piece of valve divided the intake route into two routes. The valve makes the two routes work alternately depends on the direction of the wind. It achieves greater efficiency in depower inflation. In this way, the depower kite can be completely inflated when the kite is stay between static state and rapidly fly.

PANSH AURORA is a 5-line kite. The bridles are collected by a simple Pansh bridle collector. With simple and easily understandable picture you can easily set up the kite. The bridle collector only comes in the Kite Only Package.

PANSH AURORA depower kite is a high performance depower kite for people who is interested in land kiting, snow kiting, buggy kiting and kite boarding/surfing. Flyers will enjoy the happiest flying time with the kite. PANSH AURORA is a very stable depower kite. It is extremely stable in gusty conditions. The kite has big amount of lift, hang time and high flying speed. These can make you experience a really good time no matter you are on sands, snow, grass or water.

We believe if you choose the Pansh AURORA you will find out how well and easily control the kite is. You will be very impressed by its amazing performance.

The price includes worldwide door to door Express Delivery. No matter where you are, we guarantee that there is no extra cost. You get the kite package in hands at this price. There is no risk nor any covered cost. Based on PANSH After Service, we guarantee to make customers 100% satisfy with our products and services. We offer exchange and return requests as well.

Kite Only Package:  *Aurora kite
                                     *Pansh Draw-string Bag

Optional Accessories:  *5-line fly line set
                                         *Depower Bar

5-line fly line set

Standard Color of the Kite: Yellow/Black Please see the photo.
Custom Colors: You can see the color options below. There is extra charge for the custom color. If you are interested in different color of this Aurora kite, please choose custom color and leave your color options at your order or email us your choice. 

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