Blaze 12.5m

Blaze 12.5m

Model No: 1181202
Brand: PANSH
Unit: pcs
Weight: 3.500 kg
Features: High performance power kite
Model: 12.5m
Color: blue
Flat Surface Area: 12.5 sq m
Wingspan Size: 740cm
Aspect Ratio: 3.5
Sail Material: Ripstop Polyester
Cells: 22
Flying Sets: 2 x 185kg / 2 x 130kg
Flying Line Length: 25m
Flying Line Material: Dyneema
Skill Level: Int/Exp
Suits to: Recreational, Buggying, Landboarding, Snowkitin
Remark: PANSH Blaze Kite Only. Free Express delivery in the world!
Special: US$359.00
Score: 1
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Product Details

The Pansh Blaze is an ultra professional kite. The Pansh Blaze is designed for experienced to expert flyers looking for a high aspect, high performance powerful kite. Its image is all sewn.

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